Tutong Wetland in search for Wild Duck

Yesterday I went to Tutong Wetland in search for Wild Duck since i do not have their photo.
The last time I saw wild duck was 2009' Kuala Belait pass Sungai tujuh.
That time I was equip with binocular only.
The Duck population also not that many i see maybe around 9 - 13 ducks.
But yesterday I went to Tutong Wetland and arrive the location at 11am.
I was dripping wet which you could imagine the weather like at that hour.
I started to use binoculars and taking photo of the wetland as attach.
Because it is hot I wanted to go since no bird or duck to be seen.
I think that is around 12:40pm.
As soon as I started to leave the place.

I hear whistling call.
Very noisy that stopping me to leave.
I started to follow the call and look through binoculars.
Ah! I finally found my wild Duck.
It is approximately 70 - 110 metres away from where I was sending.
My camera have only extension lent could not take good photo as you all see attach.
What amaze me is that the numbers of the wild ducks.
I thinks it is easily over 100 ducks.
I also think they few species.
I need to go back there again with just binocular to identify the species around.

Sorry everyone photos no that good.

by D

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