Proboscis Monkey テングザル

Everyone should be proud that it take less than 5-minutes boat ride to see this elusive Proboscis Monkey than other Borneo neighbors.
This elusive monkey is not just found in Borneo island but it is one of the world largest monkey IUCN Highly endanger.
The local water taxi, and tours agency have benefit from the proboscis monkey in tourism industry.
Proboscis Monkey tour were first introduce in 1997' and become the most popular tour after Ulu Temburong National Park till today.
During that time the population are great which you can see minimum of 3 - 5 individual group. Now some tourists say they did not see any proboscis monkey.
Now the Question is What is their FUTURE (Proboscis Monkey)?
Are the local population increasing?
Are they loosing their habitat (Mangrove forest) the leaf are the monkey main food?
My last trip on the river my boatman were complaining that the number of group have reduce. With sarcastic way I asked him "What can you do" he just smile. He became silent when I ask what happen if all the monkey suddenly GONE?
What do you do for income? if there is no Proboscis Monkey? Silently.
Than he asked me. Can we help to protect the monkey?
I answer "NO!" & "YES".
No if it only both of us protecting the monkey.
Yes if everyone help and taking the responsibility not just for the future generations but continuing benefit to everyone and also sustaining the population of Proboscis Monkey.
I am not blaming anyone here.
But we all need to do something or act now to find way to help the Proboscis Monkey before it to late.
No point to use umbrella when we already wet.

by Jungle Dave

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