Brown Barbet

This Brown Barbet is Sabah/Brunei race Calorhamphus Fuliginosus Tertius.
I have seen them in various type of forest in Brunei include lowland forest, peat swamp, and this photo taken in wetland birding. 
I can see them 70% birding at wetland. Usually in pair but sometime could be six in a group.

The wetland I go for birding is also got secondary and primary lowland forest. 

I just sit and wait over viewing the dead trees around which can spot other birds visiting the area.

The place is newly discovered last month 19th February 2015'. 

Although it is new it is home to many species of birds. 
I spend 3hours in the morning and 4 to 6hrs in the evening. as from 19th february to 19th March 2015 I have over 70 species birds. 
However those base on what I have spotted.

by D 

Come to Brunei to do birdwatching in Borneo.

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