Large Frogmouth

BE EXPECTED OF THE UNEXPECTED BRUNEI FOREST BIRD another satisfying bird photographer who travels all the way from Sweden just to photograph the Large Frogmouth in Brunei rainforest.
We start searching for the large frogmouth at 10:00pm in the forest. After several hours’ disappointments search for the bird we finally able to photograph this amazing Large Frogmouth we almost eye level.
As a bird guide, I feel so relieved to spot the frogmouth and happy with joy to watch both the bird and the guest.
Well, I did not express it out but in my heart, oh no! Not in front of the guest who was photographing the bird.
I always happy when never my guests see what they wanted, although they know - Nature cannot promise.
He takes lots of photographs since the frogmouth stays for two hours twenty-five minutes. Believe it he even manages to take 3-minutes break before taking more photos.
In the end, we both cry out “WOW we did it!” worth of the search he said although I almost think that you were bluffing Jungle Dave. I don’t think there is a frogmouth in this forest but you prove me wrong. THANK YOU!
This photo was taken on the 5th March 2018 in Brunei rainforest (Borneo)

by Jungle Dave

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